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AT&T is working to expand mobile broadband in Western Loudoun County

Support AT&T’s proposed cell site at Short Hill. Connect VA Today!

  • Based on a fall 2018 AT&T survey of area residents, 78 percent said they support a new cell site at Short Hill if it means better mobile broadband and cell phone coverage for them, local first responders, their family, and/or their business.

  • The cell site will help enhance voice and mobile broadband coverage for our customers and prepare for emerging technology such as 5G, which is significantly faster and more capable than today’s networks.

  • The Board of Supervisors will meet on October 5 to vote on our site proposal. Approving the site application will help ensure citizens and customers have access to the latest wireless technologies.
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Whether you’re at home or on the go, we know you want to swipe, stream, text or surf. AT&T is here to help make sure you can do that. We’re committed to providing mobile broadband access to residents, businesses and visitors around Short Hill Mountain so they can connect to the people, places and services they need. That’s why we will soon have our application requesting approval for a new cell site reviewed by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

This cell site will help fill a coverage gap identified by Loudoun County in 2014. With Virginians relying on their mobile devices now more than ever, it is important we make this investment a priority. Please take action and tell the Board of Supervisors that you support our efforts to expand mobile broadband access in Western Loudoun County.

Why it matters

The cell site will connect the area’s rural homes and businesses to the benefits empowered by mobile broadband. With improved wireless coverage, residents will have more access to connectivity to call for emergency services in the event of an accident, to engage with employees or clients outside of the office and allow people to stay connected with family members.

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