Pennsylvania Legislature Considering Important Tech Infrastructure Legislation

The Pennsylvania legislature is reviewing House Bill 1400, a bill that will make it more efficient for wireless companies, like AT&T, to invest in Pennsylvania to enhance our network.

These enhancements, called small cells, will improve the capacity, speed and quality of our wireless network and will also help us prepare for 5G and future developments in technologies, such as smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).

During a hearing on June 12, 2019, CTIA – The Wireless Association testified that “small cells will provide needed additional capacity to accommodate growing consumer demands and help connect 100 times more devices. In a few short years, nearly everything will be connected to ubiquitous wireless networks at speeds up to 100 times faster than today, highlighting the importance of the framework established by HB 1400. Small cells will help unlock new 5G services to support things like remote healthcare solutions and autonomous cars. Pennsylvania’s communities will be smarter and more connected, and entire sectors, from public safety to tourism, to transportation, will be transformed….”

Accenture has found that 5G and small cell deployments will provide tremendous economic benefits. Specifically, Accenture estimates that wireless operators will invest as much as $275 billion nationwide over seven years creating up to three million jobs and adding approximately $500 billion to the U.S. GDP through direct and indirect potential benefits.

Several other organizations, including AT&T, expressed support for the bill, including: the Pennsylvania State Grange, Pennsylvania Partnership for 5G, the Innovation Institute, the Wireless Infrastructure Association, Pennsylvania E-Commerce Association, and Downtown CDC, among others.

Learn more about why small cells are important here.

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