AT&T Teams Up with to Set Students up for Success Before the School Bell Rings

On our AT&T Aspire team, we often talk about the importance of providing students with access to tech and other 21st century tools to enhance learning in the classroom. However, we need to make sure students’ most basic needs are met first. If young people come to school uncomfortable — whether they are hungry, cold or in need of personal care — it becomes almost impossible for them to focus on the task at hand.

When it comes to recognizing students’ needs, teachers are on the front lines. That’s why the education nonprofit DonorsChoose.orglaunched a new program allowing teachers to request "life essentials" for their students. That includes nutritious meals and snacks, personal hygiene products and clean clothes.

We fully support this expansion of’s mission. That’s why we teamed up with and other donors to help match donations for the Student Life Essentials program. The impact of every donation will be doubled for children in need, up to $1 million.

Click HERE to donate and help provide students with the life essentials they need to succeed!

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