AT&T Helps Rockingham Free Clinic Improve Connections with Patients

AT&T recently contributed $8,250 to the Harrisonburg Rockingham Free Clinic.

With this impactful donation, the Free Clinic can participate in a phone and video interpretation system called CyraCom to help patients who speak English as a second language.

In Harrisonburg alone, 11,615 citizens are speakers of a non-English language, with Spanish (7,278 speakers), Chinese (659 speakers), and Russian (624 speakers) being the most spoken languages. Since 2002, over 1,900 refugees have settled into Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, creating a greater need for interpreters and translation systems.

While the clinic currently has translators, with the help of AT&T, we are able to expand our reach and help more patients, said Bea Bustista, the Free Clinic’s Patient Care Coordinator.

“Providing an interpreter during a medical visit allows the patient to be more engaged and involved in their own care. Interpreters will enhance communication proficiency between the provider and patient and improve the quality of care,” said Bustista. “This great need for translation services makes AT&T’s donation all that more vital.”

“Language barriers between healthcare professionals and their patients can have serious consequences. Our contribution will help the clinic better connect with their patients, improving the quality of care and saving lives,” said Garrett McGuire, AT&T’s regional director for External Affairs.

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AT&T Helps Rockingham Free Clinic Improve Connections with Patients

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