AT&T awards $25,000 grant to JMU X-Labs

AT&T recently awarded a $25,000 grant to support the JMU X-Labs program, where college students have the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies and interact with industry professionals who serve as mentors.

JMU X-Labs is a model of education for teaching innovation with intention. Its transdisciplinary programming challenges students to take ownership of their education, pivot creatively and confidently tackle problems that resist easy solutions. JMU X-Labs collaborates with distinguished community, government and industry organizations that give multidisciplinary student teams real-world experience.

“We work with universities and other organizations to give the next generation of tech leaders and innovators hands-on opportunities that prepare them for success. Through JMU X-Labs, JMU students are developing technology solutions to real-world challenges across many areas—from community and social services to arts and culture to national defense. After our very first visit, we were impressed by their vision and plans for the program, which is why we’re excited to support the great work being done at JMU X- Labs,” said Vince Apruzzese, President, AT&T Virginia.

JMU X-Labs will host its biannual Innovation Summit on Friday, April 26 from 3 to 6 p.m., featuring more than 100 students from eight courses and more than 28 majors. AT&T will serve as the event’s primary sponsor this spring.

“We’re looking forward to building a great relationship with AT&T,” JMU X-Labs Executive Director Nick Swayne said. “It will be a significant launchpad for developing more challenging problems for the students to solve—providing access to integrated IoT, cellular, and other emerging technologies, as well as subject matter experts willing to work with our student teams. AT&T’s leadership and support for the kind of learning that takes place at JMU X-Labs will help us move farther, faster.”

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